Published: Mar 8, 2023

Biomonitoring for pollution assessment: A case study in Kasibeh Reserve in Al-Madain / East of Baghdad

1-6 Rana Fadhil abbas, Estabraq Mohammed Ati, Dr. Abdalkader Saeed Latif, Alia Essam Alubadi, Dr. Reyam Naji Ajmi

Evaluation of Some Interleukins Levels of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in Baghdad province / Iraq

7-10 Rawaa Najim Alkhamessi

Indication Cadmium in leaf Eucalyptus camaldulensis plant at Samarra city/Iraq

11-14 Estabraq Mohammed Ati, Zena Hassan Jazar, Dr.Reyam Naji Ajmi, Dr. Abdalkader Saeed Latif

Treatment of Winter Wheat Seed Materials with Pesticides

18-21 Khalikov Mukhridin Bakhromjon o‘g‘li

Methodology of Teaching the Topic "Getting to Know Representatives of Lycopodiaceae"

22-24 Karimjon Abdurakhimovich Mutalov, Zilola Bakhtiorovna Ishmatova

Cultivation technology and medicinal properties of thorny artichoke plant

25-26 Khoshbakov Samaridin

Studying the technology and medicinal properties of amaranth growth

27-30 Jumayeva Dinora

Possibility of protective role of Moringa oleifera seed oil against cadmium-induced oxidative stress

31-38 Assistant Lecturer. Saad Farhan Bunyan, Assistant Lecturer. Huda Adel Ruhoma

Leaf Plants ability to absorb heavy metals (Cd, Cr, Fe) from naturally polluted soil

39-44 Aqeel Lami, Shahla Hussien Hano, Reyam Naji Ajmi, Nadia Kamil Bashar

Beneficial antimicrobial treatment options for pan-drugresistant bacterial species

45-51 Khilood Hamdan Fahad, Balsam Miri Mizher Al-Muhana, Jenen Jenan Nadhim Sadiq

The impact of high temperatures on the productive performance (behavioral, physiological, and immunological) of poultry

52-57 Huda Falih Saad, Salah Mahdi Alsudany, Sabah K.M. AL-hummod, Azhar A. Jaffar

Relationship of genotypes of csn2 gene in milk production and proportions of its components in Holstein Friesian cows bred in Iraq

58-62 Karrar thabit dragh, Assist Prof.Dr. Raghdan Hashim Mohsin, Assist Prof.Dr. Muntaha y.Yousief

Economic Significance of Creeping Anchors Tribulus Terrestris L

63-65 Perdebaeva G.A, Azhiev A.B

Modern Research and Prospects for the Use of Creeping Anchors – Tribulus Terrestris L

66-69 Perdebaeva G.A, Azhiev A.B