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Texas Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences provides the opportunity to the authors to publish their original research articles in field of Agriculture and Biological Sciences. 

Frequency of Publication: Monthly

ISSN (Online): 2771-8840

doi Prefix: 10.62480

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Vol. 29 (2024): TJABS

Published: Jun 8, 2024

Care Of Some Species Of The Magnoliaceae Family

1-4 Bakhramov Ruziboy Mirzamakhsudovich

Role Of Ichtiophaguous Birds In Biocenosis.

5-7 Boltayeva Zarina Azamatovna

Analysis of experiments to improve food quality and nutrition programs in aquaculture

8-10 Kaliknazarova A, Musaev A, Djiemuratov D, To’remuratov M, Keñesbaeva B
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