Published: May 7, 2022

Biochemical investigation of steroids on metabolic sequelae and neurobiological effects

1-9 Tawhed Fadhil Jaber

Foreign Direct Investment in Agriculture Sector

10-16 Dr.Hayri Uygun, Dr.Rashmi Gujrati, Gurleen Kaur

Study of the influence of soil composition on the yield and quality indicators of wheat grain

17-21 Kh.B.Ergasheva, N.F.Khuzhakulova, A.S.Elmurodova

Use of Draft Flights and Monitoring Systems in Agriculture in the Fight Against Pests

22-24 Zaynidinov Hakimjon Nasiridinovich, Mallaev Oybek Usmonqulovich, Modullaev Jahongir Sobir ugli

Biodegradation of Oil Contaminated Water by Filament Fungi

25-32 Duha Bahaa Mohammed Al Fayaad, Saad Hussein Khudhair

In Vitro Rearing of Parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae and Braconidae)

33-37 Jumaev Rasul Axmatovich

Agro biological methods of obtaining early and high-grade cotton harvesting

38-41 Mahammadjonov Zuhriddin Mukhiddin o’g’li, O.O.Ibragimov

Test of the Effectiveness of Biochar and Mineral Fertilizer on The Growth and Yield of Two Broad Bean Vicia Faba L

42-57 Qotaiba.Saleh. Sheikh, Abdulsalam Rajab Ahmed Al-Jumaily, Jassim. Mohammed. Aziz

Influence of the Stimulant Humimax on the Yield of Sunflower

58-61 Tadjiev Karim Mardanakulovich

The Results of the Study of the Compactions of the Bottom of the Furrow in Plowing by Plug Corpusies as well as Tractor Wheels

62-67 U.I.Khasanov, M.M.Makhmudova, A.A.Savriddinov, K.S.Sobirov, SH.T.Safarov

Livestock Reforms in Surkhandarya

68-70 Jumaeva Shohida Chorievna

Technological method of making cast-in-place concrete structures typical of Central Asian climatic conditions

71-73 M.S. Egamberdiev

Technology of cultivation and care of strawberries

74-75 Anvarbekova Charos Anvarbek qizi, Rahimova Mo‘tabar Rustamjon qizi, Esonova Surayyo Ilyos qizi

Effect of β-defensin 2 on biofilm formation in pathogenic E. coli bacteria isolated from clinical samples

76-80 Hanan AbdulHameed Ghaffoori, Ahmed AbdulJabbar Suleiman

Bioecological Classification of Juniper Plants and the Importance of Groups

81-83 Turdiev S.A, Koshbakova.M, Rustamov.U, Isroilov.G

Analyzing Moisture at the Drying Process of Spice Plants

84-88 Djurayev Kh.F., Mizomov M.S.