Published: Jan 6, 2023

Growth response, yield, and quality of bread wheat, Triticum aestivum L. For spraying with ascorbic acid and tocopherol

1-6 Asmaa N. Ali, Abdulameer R. Obaid

Intensive Technology of Mosh Cultivation in Khorazm Region

7-9 BabadjanovaSh.К, NajimovaS.R

Determination of the optimal time for the heat treatment time of local canned river and marine fish products in Basra Governorate, knowledge of microbial analysis and sensory evaluation

10-21 Mansour, H. T, Majeed, K. R, Al-Temimi, W. K

Growth and Development of Young Karakul Sheep of Different Ethological Types

22-25 Khatamov A.Kh.

Green World And Fauna In Gardens

26-27 Torayeva Nilufar Nortoji kizi

Adventive Species Belong to The Asteraceae Juss Family, Which Were Distributed in Andijan City Urban Flora

28-31 Nodirbek M. Sidiqjanov, Nasibakhon M. Noralieva

Influence of Global Climate Changes on Cereal Crops Yield in Rainfall Lands in Uzbekistan

32-36 Mamatkul Abdurahmanovich Juraev, Abdugafurjon Abdivakhabovich Holdorov.

Vegetative propagation of black mulberry (Morus, nigra L) recommended for landscaping roads and city streets

37-40 Ubaidullaev Farkhod Bakhtiyarullaevich, Khaitov Farhod Juraevich Assistant, Majidov Abdulaziz Norqobilovich

Effect of Nano zinc oxide and Acadian seaweed extract on some biochemical components and anatomical morphology of Eruca sativa Mill

41-48 Ruqaya Abdul munem Kadhim, Qasim Jasim athfua

Molecular identification of two Actinomycetes (Streptomyces sp. and Norcardia sp.) with the evaluation of cytotoxicity and antioxidant properties of Streptomyces sp. Extract

49-56 Asseel Abdulridha Saeed, Ishtar Adnan Mohamed Alethari

Effect of Foliar application of Silicon on Oat varieties (Avena sativa L.) Grain yield and Components under Silt-affected soil

57-62 Muqdad F. Hassan, Mohanad A. ALSULAIMAN

Effect of sowing date and seedling thickness on main stem height, total leaf area, formation of side branches, green leaf yield of stevia

73-77 Ulugbekov A.Y, Rakhimov A.X

Effect of Thymus vulgaris on liver tissue in dexamethasone treated female adult rat

78-82 Ola Essam Abdulrazzaq, Jehan Yawez Al-Demirchi, Hussein Bassim Al-Anssari

Effect of organic matter and ionic strength and soil texture on positive ions in the soil extracted search

83-92 Faten Abdel Reda Dakel, Abdul Karim Hassan Hudhafa, Ashraf Mohmmed Sheriff

Analysis of the competitiveness of the agricultural market of Uzbekistan: A systematic literature review

93-99 Chen Lei

Saffron growing in Uzbekistan and prospects for its development

100-105 Usmanov Mirgulom Hashim O’g’li

Diseases of the Pomegranate Tree

106-108 Ubaydullaeva Shakhista Hdoyatillo Qizi