Published: Sep 5, 2022

Effects Of Salmonella Pullorum Infection on Vaccinal Immunity Against Newcastle and Avian Influenza Diseases in Broiler Chickens

1-6 Rusul Ghazi Hawal , Mushtaq Talib Bakr

The effect of Citrobacter fruendii LPS on the immune parameters of rabbits immunized with Serratia marcescens antigens

7-12 Ikram A. A. Al-Samarraae, Roa’a N. A, Roua J. M.

Seasonal variations in the phytoplankton community in a lentic ecosystem and its relationship to environmental variables (An applied study in the artificial lake of the island of Baghdad, Iraq)

13-35 Hind Mahdi Salih Al-Saeedi, Ibrahim M. A. Al-Salman

Interaction of p-glycoprotein inhibitor-Verapamil- and Colchicine on some Neurobehavioral and Biochemical parameters in mice

36-43 Tayseer Shaker Mahmood , Raghdaa Dawood Obaid , Duraid Abdul-Hadi Abass

Effect of Inclusion Body Hepatitis disease in Iraq Broiler Chikens

44-49 Melad Ibrahim Oraibi, Sahar Hamdi Abdalmaged

The Effectiveness of a New Type of Light Trap in the Fight Against Harmful Insects

50-53 Boltaev Botir Safarovich, Khudoykulov Azamjon Mirzoqulovich , Karimov Rovshan, Norova Malika Nurillaevna

Biological Effectiveness of Insecticides in Protecting Potatoes From Root Rodent Tunlams

54-58 Khudoykulov Azamjon Mirzoqulovich, Safarova Gulrux Meylivna, Norova Malika Nurillaevna

The effect of salmonella pullorum on broiler chicken in Iraq

59-67 Rusul Ghazi Hawal, Mushtaq Talib Bakr

Influence of the aftereffect of mineral fertilizers applied at different rates and ratios on the fields of winter wheat on the structure of the millet crop

68-71 SH.I.Irnazarov, A.T.Bekmurodova, D.O.Baxtiyorova

The Effectiveness of the Herbicide Atlantis at Different Times and Rates in the Fields of Winter Wheat

72-74 Z.A.Ibragimov, Sh.K.Yorqulova

Hemiptera are Pests of Cotton

75-78 A.G.Kojevnikova.

Pathological investigation of local infectious laryngotracheitis virus isolated from layers on broiler Chicks

79-100 Mustafa Badr Hussein, Sameer Mezher Abdullah

Population assessment of whitefly (Bemisia tabaci (Genn.)) for ten tomato genotypes

101-106 Malik H. Karem, Ali Faraj Jubair, Saad Manea Enad Aljabry, Mahmood T. Al-Jayashi

Effect of Drip Irrigation of Sunflower Crop on Soil Meliorative Status

107-111 Qodirov Z.Z, Oripov I.O, Avezov Sh

Implementation of Water-Saving Irrigation Technologies Agricultural Crop Productivity Guarantee

112-114 Sadullayev B.O

Effect of explants and auxins concentration on callus induction on peach (Prunus persica (L.) Batsch) micropropagation

115-121 Nazar Al Ghasheem

Application of resource-efficient irrigation technologies in desert pastures of Bukhara region

122-127 Usmonov Sarvar Anvarovich

Improving the design of landscaped land for irrigation of drylands with the help of natural rainfall. (in the case of Navoi region).

128-131 Norpo’latov Maxsudjon Maxmudovich

Growth and fruiting of trees in intensive dwarf apple orchards depending on variety-rootstock combinations and planting density.

132-135 Yunusov Rustam, Ganieva Feruza Amrullovna, Artikova Manzura Israilovna

The Valuable Traits of Varieties and Lines for Breeding Durum Wheat

132-137 Karshiboev Кhasan Xolbazarovich, Pоkrovskaya Мariya Nikolaevna.,

A Review of Plant Anatomy Tools and Their History

138-147 Atheer Hashim Abdulmajeed, Hisham majeed shlash, Ashwaq talib hameed