Published: Jul 9, 2022

Automating the choice of the educational path in the Smarteducation environment

1-9 Sameer Saud Dakhel, Rasha Muhseen Hadi, Khalid Mahdi Salih

Text Recognition from Images

10-18 Iman Kadhim Ajlan, Ahmed fadhil Bin yusof, Herlina Binti Abdul Rahim, Ahmed Jameel Ismael

Timely And Quality Notification Promotes A Significant Reduction Of Human Satisfactions And Material Damage

19-21 Khusanova S.I.

Determining the Type of Clothing Suitable for Women With An Non Typical Figure

22-26 Abdurakhimova Manzura Sadiqovna

Functional foundations of architectural design

27-32 Xaydarova Dildora Allamxo'ja qizi

Determination the groundwater effects on corrosion in Nano composite material Silicon- Carbide reinforced aluminum alloys in Baghdad Iraq.

33-39 Mamoon A A Al-Jaafari, Israa Fadhil Ibraheem