Published: Jun 11, 2022

Dependence of Bud Loads on Yield Indicators When Growing Grapes White Hussein Variety by Voish Method

1-3 Pulatjon Egamberdiev, Davronbek Abdurayimov, Fayzi Khojakulov, Nuralieva Farangiz

Principal Areas of Efficient Use of Water Resources in Agriculture

3-6 Karshiev Shoymardon Elamonovich

Technology of Growing Dairy Production of Single-Breasted Camels in Different Pasture Types and Production of Shubat

7-9 A.A.K. Tleumuratov, B.S. Kalimbetov

The Importance of the Cluster Method of Production in Agriculture

10-13 G.Xalmatjanova, F.Sadikova

Role Of Foliar Spray With Selenium And Urea On Growth, Flowering, And Yield Of Strawberry (Fragaria X Ananassa Duch.) Cv. Camarosa

14-21 Ahmad T.Khalil, Prof. Dr. Jassim M. A. Al-Aareji

Cultivation Of Tomato Vegetables By Watering Under A Black Polyethylene Film

22-28 Ilxamov Nortoy Muradovich, Ganiyev Sanjar Ernazarovich, Toshpulatov Chingizxon Vali o’g’li

Constitution, Viability and Productivity of Buttocksed Lambs in the Conditions of Karakalpakstan

Turganbayev R.U.

Milk Productivity of Crossbreed Generation Received from Black and White and Golshtin Breeds

32-36 Eshmuratova Sulukhan Tulegenovna, Djienbaeva Laylo Palbay qizi

Nematophagous Fungi

37-42 Asmaa M. Al-Hakeem, Sally A. Al-Molla, Janan K. Al-Tarjuman

Molecular classification for some species of ground beetles to the Carabidae family spread in Diyala Governorate

43-53 Ammar Abdulwahid Jbarah Al-Karawi, Ammar Ahmed Sultan

Study Of Efficiency Of Water And Energy Resources In Growing Agricultural Crops Through Drop Irrigation. In The Example Of Amarant Crop

54-58 B.S. Shoturaev, B.R. Nasibov

Methodology of Teaching Energy Supply in Agriculture and Water Resources (National and Foreign Experience)

59-61 Xolliyev Jovohir, Amrullayev Behzod, Kamolov Bekzot

Propagation of Eichhornia Crassipes and its Water Purification Properties in Poultry Farm Waters.

62-66 K. R. Yuldashev, Sh. X. Yuldasheva,, M. Q. Rajapova, Z. Sh. Bakpulatova

Influence of algae on fur growth, development, physiological condition and fur quality

67-70 Ismoilxodjaev B.Sh., Nasibov B.R.

Liver Cirrhosis in Albino Male Rats Induced by Sunset Yellow (E110) Dyes

71-77 Ahmed Abdullah Sultan

Studying the effect of adding aqueous extracts of lemongrass and bay leaf on the chemical composition and microbial characteristics of frozen camel burger

78-83 Hussein.F.Mohammed, Mahmoud.M.Ahmed

Propagation of Eichhornia Crassipes and its Water Purification Properties in Poultry Farm Waters

84-88 K. R. Yuldashev, Sh. X. Yuldasheva, M. Q. Rajapova,, Z. Sh. Bakpulatova,

Efficiency of Yara Complex mineral fertilizer in improving growth characteristics and yield for cultivars of wheat (Triticum aestivum)

89-96 Abdulsalam Rajab Ahmed Al-Jumaily, Qotaiba.Saleh. Sheikh

Cluster – A New Opportunity and Effectiveness

105-107 G.H.Rayimdjanova

Improving new methods of growing high-quality potatoes in the Fergana region

108-109 Gulchehra Urunbaeva, X.Abdullaev

Adding Ginkgo biloba leaf extract to the diet as an antioxidant and studying its effect on carcass traits and immune performance of Ross 308 broilers

110-118 Ammar Taleb Diab Al-Tememy, Ali saleh Hassan Al-kinani