Published: Feb 9, 2023

Results of the Evaluation of Samples of the World Collection for Creation of New Varieties of Barley in Irrigated Lands.

1-4 Tuygunov Rasul Bolibekovich, Gaybllayev G`ulom Saydalimovich, Usarov Zoxid Igamovich

Morphology, Chemical Composition and Medical Use of Ocimum Plant

5-8 Sayramov Fayzullo Baratjon o`g`li, Eshnorova Jasmina Nizomiddin qizi, G`ulomova Diyora Karimjon qizi

Effect of Sowing Date and Seedling Thickness on Main Stem Height, Total Leaf Area, Formation of Side Branches, Green Leaf Yield of Stevia

9-13 Ulugbekov A.Y, Rakhimov A.X

Effect of adding methods of potassium sulfate fertilizer to two cultivars of Zea mays on PH and some chemical elements in soil and plants

14-26 Kahraman H. Habeeb

Estimate the effect of Male frankincense (Boswellia Carterii ) extracts' on the Bacteriological and chemical quality of chicken meat

27-33 Shaimaa Abbas Sabeeh

Analysis of Path Coefficient, Correlations, Variances and Heritability of Genotypes of Maize (Zea mays L.)

34-42 Dhuha Hashoosh Aflook AL-Asadi, Muhamed A. K. AL-Abody

Peanut Diseases Found in Surkhondaryo Region and Measures to Control Them

43-46 Khalmuminova Gulchehra Kulmuminovna, Shopo’latova Barno Kizi

The Occurrence of Fungi from the Genus Alternaria Nees Ex Wallr. In Greenhouse Conditions of Uzbekistan When Growing Tomatoes and Cucumbers

47-50 Khalmuminova Gulchehra Kulmuminovna, Saidolimova Dilnura Ulugbek Kizi

Seeder for Sowing Non-Flowing Seeds of Plants

51-53 Auezov Ongarbay Pirleshovich, Khojabaev Nurmukhammed Muratbaevich

Species Composition and Control of Plants Which Damage Pineapple Trees in Khorazm Region

54-55 Sobirov Asror Rasul o’g’li, Yuvbasarov Hamdam Inoyatovich, Ismayilova Intizar

Garden pests

56-60 Abdukarimova Mamlakat Abdukarimovna, Kulmurotova Aziza Muhiddinovna

Biological Activity of the Coordinating Compound of Qinazolin-4-One with Nickel-(II) Nitrate Hexahydrate

61-63 Obloyorov Aziz Ulfat o’g’li, Nasimov Hasan Murodovich, Aronbaev Sergey Dmitrievich, Saitkulov Foziljon Ergashevich

Agrochemical Characteristics of Newly Developed Light Sierosem of the Fergana Valley

64-68 Yuldashev G, Makhramkhuzhaev S

Predatory Mites

69-71 Esanbayev Shamsi

Using the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to study the change of vegetation cover in Thi-Qar Governorate, southern Iraq for the period from 1990-2022

72-84 Haider Mohammed Hassan, Heba Sahib Dakheel

Study of physical, sensory and bacteriological properties of cold-preserved luncheon beef meat containing powder of oregano and maui rose

85-102 Sajja Adnan Abdul Hamid Al-Zaidan , Khadeeja Sadiq Jaffer Al- Hussainy

Environmental awareness and human behavior

103-107 Maysaa Younis Ali

Monitoring of the Process of Changes of the Surface of Underground Waters and Level of Salinity in Farms of Syrdarya Region

108-111 Tashbekov U.T, Atabekov A.Sh

Analysis of Problems and Solutions in use of Groundwater in Uzbekistan

112-114 D.A. Quvvatov, Ph.D., N.P. Karimov, J.O. Rozikulov

Hematological Parameters and Relative Weight of some Organs for Broiler Chickens Supplemented by Different Levels of Nano Propolis

115-121 Rasool H. Khalati, Khalid C. K. Al-Salhie

Roses Pests And Their Control

122-125 Haytmuratov Arslanbek Faizullaevich