Published: Sep 14, 2021

Reducing and preventing health risks related to wastewater and casualty in Kabul city

1-9 H. Jahish, N. Mehrdadi, B.Omidvar

A Study of Social Entrepreneurship in India -Opportunities and Challenges

10-16 Mr.E.Manikandan, Dr.C. Sengottuvel

Potential Significance of Discussion in Research

17-20 Dr Sameer Babu, Maxwell E. Uduafemhe

Justification for improving the choice of the frequency of engine oil replacement, taking into account the operating conditions

21-23 Muzaffar Ruzimakhamatovich Alimov

How to Measure Water in Oil?

24-29 Jamshidbek Ulugbek ugli Shamuratov

Development Of Research Methods for Determining the Operational Characteristics of Electric Vehicles in The Conditions of a Hot Climate of Uzbekistan

30-32 Soyib Ortikovich Narziev, Jamshed Sadulloevich Avliyokulov, Shavkat Pirmuxamedovich Alimuxamedov, Zavkiddin Zayniddinovich Sharopov