Published: Sep 5, 2022

Assessment of Teenagers' Eating Disorders Behaviors on their Body Mass Index

1-16 Baneen jaleel abd al-ameer, Zaid wahid ajil

Evaluation the role of Aggregatibacter Actinomycetemcomitans on IL-18 Production in Periodontitis Patients

17-23 Mohammed Jasim AL-Obaidi1,, Batool Hassan Al-Ghurabi1

Sleep Disturbance among Primary School Children as a Result of the COVID-19 Lockdown

24-30 Zeyad Tariq Al-Noimi

Ways to prevent caries disease in children

31-32 Kadirova Munojatkhon

A study of the leadership qualities of physical education teachers from the point of view of students of the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Tikrit University

33-51 Assist.Prof. Dr. Salem Khalaf Fahd

Treatment And Incidence Of Von Willebrand's Disease In The Republic Of Uzbekistan

52-55 Juraeva Nodira Tukhtapulatovna, Mahmudova Aziza Dzhumanovna, Davlatova Gulchehra Najmiddinovna, Ismoilova Zulfiya Abdufattokhovna

The influence of compound physical exercises using a ball in the SAQ method on the concentration of lactic acid for female futsal players

56-61 Dr.Alaa Jassim Muhammad, Abdullah Muhammad Taiawy, Bushra Qasim Raouf Amin

Results of Microbiological Study of Sterility of Domestic Osteoplastic Material "OSS.UZ"

62-64 Khabilov Bekhzod Nigmon ugli

Current Relevance of Cardiovascular Diseases

65-67 Kilichev Jasurbek Fayzullayevich, Kabulov Boburbek Dilshodbekovich, Rustamov Ravshan Umidovich, To’raqulova Marjona Zulfiqor qizi, Tursunaliyeva Vahoba Umarali qizi

Digestive system activity in people of different ages

68-71 Dalimova Manzuraxon Mukhtorovna

The importance of cell organelles in the exchange of substances in the body

72-74 Qosimov Abduqodir

Evaluation of the Serum Level of Complement Proteins C3, C4 and Immunoglobulins IgG, IgM for some Patients with Acne Vulgaris in Baquba City

75-80 Ahmed Satar Ibraheem , Maha Falih Nazzal

Psychosocial Risk Factors for Suicidal Behavior in Adolescents

81-88 Dr. Hassan A. Hussein, Dr. Qahtan Q. Mohammed

Perceived Social Support among Nursing Collegian

89-93 Dr. Qahtan Q. Mohammed, Dr. Hassan A. Hussein

New Methods of Treatment of the Burned (Literature Review)

94-99 Ten Dmitriy Olegovich

Treatment of gastric bleeding of ulcerative etiology.

100-101 Rayimov G.N, Kholmukhamedov J.R, Kholmatov K, Nematjonov B.

Epidemiology of Pysichiatric Disorders

102-105 Ergashev Farrux Alijon ugli, Turdiev Pakhlavon Kakhramonovich

Methods of treatment of patients with cystic formations in the frontal part of the jaws

106-109 Khamitova Firuza Artikovna

The effect of impact exercises and electrical stimulation upon certain anaerobic lactational ability and upon the skill of smashing in badminton for advanced female players.

110-115 Lect. Dr. Nizar Faeq Saleh, Aya Kamran Abdullah, Prof. Dr. Shaima Rashid Taan

Diseases of the Peripheral Nervous System

116-118 Khodjaeva Gulnora Abdubannonovna, assistant