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Texas Journal of Medical Science provides the opportunity to the authors to publish their original research articles in Medical Sciences and allied field. 

Frequency of Publication: Monthly

Acceptance Notification: 45 Days

ISSN (Online): 2770-2936

SJIF Impact Factor (2023):6.563

Vol. 18 (2023): TJMS

Published: Mar 11, 2023

Pregnancy during a pandemic of coronavirus infection COVID-19 risks and effects on the unborn child

1-5 Mamatkulova Makhbuba Tojalievna, Rosibayeva Yorkinoy Ravshanovna

Physical rehabilitation and Rehabilitation of Children with Cerebral Palsy, Organization of Psychological Services Parent Support.

6-12 Alimova Iroda Anvarovna, Raiimova Zulfiya Mahamatjonovna

SGLT2 Inhibitors and Mechanisms of Arterial Hypertension

13-16 Raimzhanov A.A, Mangasaryan A.A.

Features of Surgical Correction of Complicated Forms of Cholelithiasis in the Elderly and Senile Age

17-24 Rizaev E.A, Kurbaniyazov Z.B, Mamarajabov S.E, Nurmurzaev Z.N, D.Sh. Abdurakhmanov

Surgery of Cholelithiasis in Patients Older Than 60 Years

25-29 Rizaev E.A, Kurbaniyazov Z.B, Mamarazhabov S.E, Nurmurzaev Z.N, Abdurakhmanov D.Sh.

Experimental Treatment of Purulent-Necrotic Lesions of The Lower Extremities with New Generation Drugs

30-38 Zokhirov Adkhamjon Rafiqovich, Dovudkhonova Sarvinozkhon Jaxongirkhon qizi, Khujanova Shokhruza Shukhrat qizi, Rakhimov Ulugbek Fakhriddin ogli, Sobirov Shokhjakhon Sobirjonovich, Fakhriddinov Firdavs Faxriddinovich, Omonullakhujaev Saidakromkhon Ubaydullaxonovich

The effect of EDTA on people infected with the Corona virus, A review

39-41 Wisam M Husien

Hygienic Aspects of Studying Working Conditions in Furniture Production

42-44 Samigova N.R, Seyfullaeva G.A

Assessment of quality of life for affected women singleton pregnancies in Iraq and the diagnosis of pregnancy complications

39-46 Dr. Faten Salam Naser Al-Shammari, Dr. Shaymaa Hussein Jasim, Dr. Lina Mohanad Majeed
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