Wearable sensors and robotics are game-changers in the healthcare and assistive technology sectors in today's age of fast technological breakthroughs. This research delves into the extensive benefits of these technologies, illuminating their present uses, astounding developments, and promising future. It examines the complicated problems that wearable sensors and robotics have to deal with and suggests solutions to help them advance. Researchers hope that by using these technological advancements, the future will be more accessible and empowering for those with impairments


Wearable Sensors Robots Healthcare


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Saja Sattar Jabar, Zaman Farhan Aawad, Amal Dhaher Mhasen, Eman Rikan fadhl jabr, Adyan Qasim Abdulreza, Atyaf Abdulmuhsen Ghdhaib, & Wasan Naeem Jassim. (2023). Synergizing Wearable Sensors and Robots: Transforming Healthcare and Assistive Technologies for Individuals with Disabilities. Texas Journal of Engineering and Technology, 26, 30–38. Retrieved from https://zienjournals.com/index.php/tjet/article/view/4667


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