the article presents the results of research on changes in fruit quality and chemical composition when fruits of watermelon varieties and hybrids are stored in a combined method (in the open field and in a naturally ventilated warehouse). Also in the article, the advantages of this storage method are explained from a scientific point of view.


aromatic substances field naturally ventilated warehouse drip irrigation


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Nishonova Asal Yakubjonovna, Juraev Urol Chorievich, Mokhinur Khasanova, & Zokirov Kurbonalijon Gaybullo ogli. (2022). Effect of Storage Methods and Periods on the Nutritional Properties of Watermelon. Texas Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, 10, 63–66. Retrieved from https://zienjournals.com/index.php/tjabs/article/view/2733


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