Zien Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities https://zienjournals.com/index.php/zjssh <p><strong>Zien Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities</strong> provides the opportunity to the authors to publish their original research articles in field of Social Sciences and Humanities. </p> <p><strong>Frequency of Publication:</strong> Monthly</p> <p><strong>Acceptance Notification:</strong> 45 Days</p> <p><strong>ISSN (Online):</strong> <a href="https://portal.issn.org/resource/ISSN/2769-996X">2769-996X</a></p> <p><strong>SJIF Impact Factor (2023): </strong>6.795</p> Zien Journals en-US Zien Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities 2769-996X Legal Basis of Tourism Development in Uzbekistan https://zienjournals.com/index.php/zjssh/article/view/4603 <p>In this thesis, the legal basis of the development of the tourism sector in Uzbekistan, the development of the tourism sector with the help of digitization, electronicization and artificial intelligence tools are presented.</p> Rakhimbayev O'tkir Fayzullayevich Copyright (c) 2023 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2023-11-06 2023-11-06 26 1 2 Socio-philosophical aspects of M. Heidegger fundamental ontology https://zienjournals.com/index.php/zjssh/article/view/4647 <p>proposing a unified theoretical and methodological framework based on revealing the sociophilosophical aspects of Heidegger's "fundamental ontology", which makes it possible to use the possibilities of the doctrine in solving modern problems of social philosophy.</p> Solieva Zarina Botirovna Copyright (c) 2023 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2023-11-10 2023-11-10 26 3 5 The Topicality of Game Activities to Develop Speaking Skills https://zienjournals.com/index.php/zjssh/article/view/4648 <p>Topicality of the project consists in the requirement of search and use of effective pedagogical technologies for successful training in skills of students with the help of games. In qualification, the project offered the final, which is applied attempt as by effective methods of communicative competence. The purpose and objectives of the project consists in the reasons and approval of communicative actions as one of effective methods</p> Sh. Aripova. Copyright (c) 2023 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2023-11-11 2023-11-11 26 6 8 Analysing The Impact of Covid-19 On UK SMES and Strategies Adopted, A Study on SMES in The UK Hospitality Sector https://zienjournals.com/index.php/zjssh/article/view/4670 <p>This article analyses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the hotel business and the economy as a whole. The hotel sector is considered an important source of income and job creation in many countries. The restrictive measures and closures caused by the pandemic have led to a significant reduction in revenue and problems for small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry. The purpose of the study is to determine the strategies and intentions adopted by the UK hotel industry during the crisis. A qualitative research approach will be used to collect data. Analysing the data, the authors show that hotel companies have faced immediate and long-term consequences of the pandemic, including closures, reduced revenues and problems with demand recovery. This study is useful for understanding the impact of COVID-19 on the hotel sector and the strategies adopted in the UK, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises in this industry.</p> Khurshidjon Sharofiddinov Copyright (c) 2023 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2023-11-16 2023-11-16 26 9 13 Attack In the Process of Competitive Activity in Taekwondo Analysis of Evaluation of Actions https://zienjournals.com/index.php/zjssh/article/view/4696 <p>In our research, we stopped at the suggestion of M.A. Godik (1966, 1982), who believes that control methods and objects used in martial arts competitions relate to the size, variety and effectiveness of offensive and defensive actions. Competition activities in three competitions of national importance were recorded and analyzed, they were later operationally processed with the use of computer technology.</p> Nuritdinov Abror Copyright (c) 2023 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2023-11-24 2023-11-24 26 14 16