The first major monument of Turkish linguistics known to us is the work "Devonu Lugatit Turk". This work of Mahmud Kashgari was created as an encyclopedic book that provides complete information about the language, culture, and history of the ancient Turks to the peoples of the East and West through the Arabic language. "Devon" is a work created to meet the needs of Arabs who want to learn the Turkish language.


Devonu Lugatit Turk Turkish language Mahmud Kashgari


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Qobilov Mirziyo Eshnozar o‘g‘li. (2022). Mahmud Kashgari’s work "Devonu Lugatit Turk" as a source of enrichment of the current Uzbek language. Zien Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 10, 17–18. Retrieved from https://zienjournals.com/index.php/zjssh/article/view/2103


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