Babur is one of the great characters of Asiatic history. Boburnoma is a magnificent contribution to the field of literature. ‘Boburnoma’ is exceptional and beautiful. The style of ‘Boburnoma’ is plain, lively and of matter of facts. As a piece of history ‘Boburnoma’ has no equals and as a piece of literature, is has a unique place. This article says us that the ‘Boburnoma’ which stands higher than most of the autobiographies, the world literature has ever producted


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Gafurova Gulkhayo Tolibjon Qizi. (2024). The Place Of ‘Memoires’ By Z.M. Bobur In A World Literature. Texas Journal of Philology, Culture and History, 28, 73–75. https://doi.org/10.62480/tjpch.2024.vol28.pp73-75


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