Purpose of the study: to study pulmonary arteries morphological structure. Materials and methods. For the experiment, 60 white outbred laboratory rats, weighing 220-280 grams, male aged 4-5 months were used. The structure of the pulmonary arteries layers and their morphometry were studied


pulmonary arteries arteries postnatal ontogenesis


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Kattakhodjaeva Dinara Utkurkhodjaevna, Gaipov Dilmurod Abdurasulovich, Sararbaeva Zhursinoy Sarsenbaevna, & Akhmadjonov Abbosbek Akbaralievich. (2023). Lung Vessel Morphological Structure. Texas Journal of Medical Science, 16, 87–90. https://doi.org/10.62480/tjms.2023.vol16.pp87-90


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