This paper is devoted to the proof of the uniqueness and existence of a solution to a nonlocal
problem with an integral gluing condition for a loaded equation of parabolic-hyperbolic type, including
the Caputo operator of fractional order. The uniqueness of the problem posed is proved by the method of
energy integrals, and existence - by the method of integral equations


Loaded equation, parabolic-hyperbolic type, fractional order operator in the sense of Caputo, integral gluing condition, uniqueness and existence of solution, integral equation of Volterra


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Nafasov Ganisher Abdurashidovich, & Jamuratov Kengash. (2022). The Local Problem with Integral Gluing Condition for Loaded Mixed Type Equation Involving the Caputo Fractional Derivative. Texas Journal of Engineering and Technology, 14, 20–26. Retrieved from https://zienjournals.com/index.php/tjet/article/view/2845


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